Mud Doll Releases

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Mud Doll – Niraj Chag’s brand new album. This album has been 7 years in the making.


‘I have really enjoyed writing as well as performing on this album, especially experimenting with the Sufi, Folk and Qawalli styles!’ Japjit Kaur

The new album by Niraj Chag

Mud Doll -The new album by Niraj Chag. Still from the video Rang Diya 

Here is a press clipping of the recent 5 star review of Mud Doll by Eastern Eye.

“Ultimately this is the perfect collection of songs on the best album of the year so far and that is why it gets a perfect score – 5/5″


 Visit to find out which Mud Doll you are!Mud Doll

Watch the Videos here:

Rang Diya 


Sab Qurbaan

Bobby Friction

Bobby Friction

BBC Asian Network

BBC Asian Network