Rakshasa by Svara Kanti – Album now released

‘Rakshasa’ by Svara Kanti (Album now released)

‘I dare you to not be haunted and even enthralled by the vocals of Japjit Kaur‘ Brian Wigman, Classical Net

‘Nigel Osborne’s bold The Five Elements never feels compromised, made more alluring by Japjit Kaur’s impeccable, idiomatic vocal line.’ Graham Rickson, Theartsdesk.com

instrumentali.com’s Gold Star review of the best of the year saw Rakshasa get the “The Captain Kirk Gold Star Award 2013 – This accolade is for the most “out there” music I heard in the last twelve months of Sundays. Rakshasa by Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti absorbed its influences via inspirational transference and created a shockingly new life form.” Read more at http://instrumentali.com/2013/12/31/2013-the-last-word/

Svara-Kanti’s Rakshasa is named as the “most outstanding and original” cross cultural work of the year on FabricationsHQ’s “2013 Muirsical Review” … check it out at http://www.fabricationshq.com

On “A World of Difference” tomorrow night Simon’s masterful album Rakshasa will be named as one of the top albums of 2013. To find out which other seven albums are on the list join me twixt 7 and 10 on www.trentsound.com It’s the reason your computer has speakers! Top albums after 8.

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Svara Kanti -2

As some of you know, I have been touring with Simon Thacker’s Svara Kanti for the past few years. It’s a great pleasure to share with you and to present to you our debut album ‘Rakshasa’ which was recorded at the Castletown Studios in Edinburgh.


For more information and to order your copy please visit http://www.simonthacker.com/Rakshasa.htm